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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Prayer for This New Year

Heavenly Father,
In the freshness of this New Year, may you cover these Mommies with your ever-present love and comfort.  May they know You...really know You.  May each of these women who gather here come to a place where they are able to find complete contentment in You, despite their circumstances.  Lord, I ask that You bring a peace that only You can bring - a peace that that calms the anxious thoughts, that pours over every decision, and that penetrates each Mommy to her very heart and soul.  God, help us to get to a place where we can see purpose in the pain, meaning in the mess, and triumph in the tears.  Give us victory  over grief.  Your Word tells us, Lord, that in You death has no sting!  Help us to remember and cling to the hope of the everlasting dwelling place of our precious babies.  Jesus, this New Year, I pray that you make us new.  For those Mommies who need to trust in You for the very first time - with their lives, their hearts, and their futures - reveal Yourself strong.  For those of us who know You as personal Savior, continue to lead us in every aspect of our lives.  We trust You, Lord Jesus...in You, all is grace.

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