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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sneak Peek...

With great excitement and and admittedly anxious heart, I want to share some "news" with you, my fellow "mommies." No, it's not that kind of news. Although a dear friend did tell me just this morning that it is kinda like having a baby...


Anyway, the "news" is that I have officially agreed to a contract to write my first book! The book is provisionally entitled, Becoming a Mommy with Hope: Living God's Promises in the Shadow of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. The book itself is actually a bible study that weaves in teaching, women's stories, prayer, journaling/reflection, and application. Each chapter focuses on a specific promise of God, related to loss.

Here are the promises I am focusing on in the book:

The Ultimate Promise ~ Jesus

The Promise of His Abiding Love

The Promise of His Goodness

The Promise of Purpose

The Promise of His Comfort

The Promise of Refinement

The Promise of Restoration

The Promise of Hope

The Promise of Eternity

During this season of life in the shadow of my own losses, I am feeling incredibly blessed. I am seeing purpose in the pain, like our dear Sister we learned about in the previous post. I would appreciate your prayers as God continues to do a work amongst us!


Rachel Beran said...

Rejoicing over this book contract with you, Teske! God is so good!! I love the Promises you are focusing on. All of His promises prove true. What a reassurance! I know this book is going to be a blessing to so many women also wanting to see a purpose in the pain. PRAYING for you and will continue. :)

Jessica said...

How exciting! I'm sure this book will be a blessing to many mommies. We'll continue to pray as you work through the process and finalization stages. You are loved!