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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the Word Wednesday (Ch. 6) - Satan the Ultimate Bully

Welcome back to our In the Word Wednesday posts. We took a brief break last week in preparation for Hope Retreat, but are excited to be back to our study of And Then You Were Gone: Restoring a Broken Heart After Pregnancy Loss by Becky Avella. You can read previous posts by clicking on the following links:

This week's chapter was titled Satan the Ultimate Bully: Surviving Spiritual Attack. Wow, I can't tell you how timely this was in my own life. I have felt the presence of the enemy as he plots his schemes. This was particularly noted in preparation for the Hope Retreat, because of course he would want nothing more than to sabotage the plans of a group of Jesus-lovin' women who seek to gather and bring glory to our God! Still, in light of my own losses, satan continues to torment.

In this chapter, Becky points out the subtlety of satan's ploys. Some of the ways in which she was personally attacked include fear, self-doubt, temptation, and sometimes sinful thoughts. In the face-to-face bible study last night, we discussed how each of us could relate to some of these attacks. What about you? In what ways have you identified spiritual battle unfolding in the aftermath of your own loss?

I love how Becky shared some wonderful insight with us from Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee. She shared his wisdom on just how to take captive every thought and to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). This process involves four steps...

1) Identify
Here is where you come to recognize the lies that you've bought into in the midst of your grief. Some of the ones we discussed last night included be overly fearful and/or afraid of the future, believing our losses were some sort of punishment for sin, or feelings of inferiority and as if we aren't worthy of God's love and sanctification. What lies can you identify for yourself?

2) Repent
Here is where you pray to God and ask forgiveness for believing the lie! What comfort to know that we can approach God directly in our prayers and ask Him to remove this thought far from our hearts and minds.

3) Reject
In acknowledging, repenting, and asking God to remove the lie far from us, we are rejecting the thought that once captivated us. Vow to see it for what it is...a lie of the devil, and cast it far from your precious souls!

4) Replace
Finally, through this process, we can replace the lie with Truth. It can be a Scripture passage or verse from God's Word, or a simple Truth about who God is and what He wants for us!

We worked through each of the lies mentioned above and were collectively able to realign our hearts on minds on Truth. That is a very freeing thing, mommies!

I would love to hear from you in the comments. What lies do you need to identify today that we can search and replace with Truth? Let's share this burden and seek to live victoriously in Jesus, our Lord!


Anonymous said...

For me, I often feel like God just might not love me. It feels as though he never hears my prayers. If he does hear, I sure don't hear the answers he is giving.
I wish I had even half the faith you all seem to have...

Teske said...

Dear anonymous friend...I can assure you that GOD LOVES YOU!!! I pray that you get this comment, even days later, and trust God will deliver this message to you. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world [you], that He sent His One and Only Son, that whosoever believed in Him would not perish but have everlasting life." God did this for you, my friend...that's how much He loves you! And as Jesus says, "take heart...I have overcome the world." God's Word, the bible, tells us that if we seek God He will be found by us. It is my prayer for you that you seek Him with all your heart and that He reveal Himself to you and bring you comfort. May He bless you immensely in this time of grief.