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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the Word Wednesday...Where Are You? Drawing Near to God for Healing (Ch.2)

If you've just joined us, welcome to our second week of "In the Word Wednesday" where on Wednesday of each week, we will delve into God's Word. We are in our second week of our current study ~ And Then You Were Gone: Restoring a Broken Heart After Pregnancy Loss by Becky Avella. Click here to read the post that went with Chapter 1. This week, we will dive into Chapter 2: Where Are You? Drawing Near to God for Healing.

My initial reaction to Chapter 2 is that Becky shares so much of what I can relate to and her story is intertwined with the biblical truths I most definitely need to hear. I love that! I was going to post a video in this post of me talking about this chapter because I feel there is so much more to say than what can be put into words. However, I'm having technical difficulties! :) So...here are just a couple of thoughts/questions to reflect upon....

Like Enoch, one who walked with God
Becky talked about her desire to be pleasing to God, even in the midst of her loss. Many of us can most certainly relate. Becky reminds us that to "please God" we must first walk with Him, like Enoch did! That is what pleases God....not anything we can say or do, but giving ourselves to Him and walking with Him. In reading this section of her book, I wrote the following questions in the margin and also posed these to the ladies who are doing the study face-to-face...

What does it mean to walk with God?
Am I walking with God?
In what ways am I walking with God?
What can I do to gain a closer walk with God?

On page 14, Becky says, "Why would we pull away from Jesus, when He above all others can empathize with our pain? He knows our grief better than we know it ourselves. He empathizes our pain, and fills us up with Himself so we can endure it."

Have we allowed Him to fill us up, first by surrendering our lives to Him? Second, in the midst of our grief?
How do we allow Him to fill us?
What obstacles are in place?

Becky talked about different sources of information/support through our grief, emphasizing the fact that it is God Himself who does the healing!
I love how in this portion of the chapter when Becky talks about the various sources that we are directed toward for healing. Some of the sources thatshe mentions include: time, suggestions or feelings of wanting another baby, medication, etc. I love how she redirects our thinking to remind us that it is God, and only God, who does the healing. He may absolutely use any of the "sources" we've mentioned, but ultimately it is He alone who heals!

What sources have you been referred to for healing?
What sources have you gone to and/or trusted for healing?

Becky concludes this chapter with a challenge which I will leave you with...
"Draw near to Him [Jesus] in your weakness and let the healing begin."

This reminded me of this song (above) Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North (be sure to pause playlist at the bottom of the blog before playing the song in this post)...it's upbeat and quite motivating, so join me ladies and let the healing begin!!

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