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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasures...(Bible Study Video Post)

If you visited yesterday for our weekly "In the Word Wednesday" post, then you know the topic at hand for Chapter 4 of the book we're working through (And Then You Were Gone) is about viewing our losses as punishment. Once again, Becky (the author) brings in the Truth of God's Word and shares some awesome insights about the character of who God is, His overwhelming love for us, and how He certainly can work in and through our experience in many ways. Click here to read that post.

I've provided a video below with some thoughts from my perspective as well, with a challenge to seek out the "treasures" that your child has left behind. Would love to hear from you on this one! Be blessed, ladies!


Becky Avella said...

This was my first opportunity to sit down and watch this video. I've been thinking all day about celebrating my babies and the beautiful mark they left on my life. Listening to your video confirmed that again.

Right after my first loss, I had a Bible Study leader say, "And I bet you'd choose to go through this all over again because of all the good that's coming from it." Inside I wanted to scream, "No way!" I still would never choose for my babies to die, but I am forever grateful for the beauty God has brought out of that pain. He is so good!

And I'm so excited to meet my treasures someday. : )

Mom said...

Teske: what a noble and humble statement, i admire you for the fact that finally you have admitted to the fact of the reasoning behind you keeping so busy. I can totally relate to it also, because I have been doing exactly the same thing with the loss of my Mom. Brian just sits and watches me scurrying through the house trying to keep as busy as I can so that I can't feel the pain in my heart. My heart is with you on your journey through your grief of your babies, my grandbabies, we together can work through it through God and God alone. So I'm with you all the way. I love you. Mom

java diva said...

The conversation shared that Becky had with her counselor really struck bc that is what I have been struggling with the past couple days.
I must be accusing God of not loving me, I struggle so much with not getting my way and today the depth of the hurt was the deepest as I realized a new level of my grief. Every time I grieve, I discover something new about my thoughts and feelings, as I'm really new to grieving such a personal loss.
Of course, what mom wouldn't want their baby to be born whole and healthy? That is our God given desire and I can't be too hard on myself. Or God. I have to remember His truths and that He is the one in control and sees a bigger picture.
And just like the 1 Pet scripture that is dear to me too, this is all temporary. We are not to get too comfortable with our lives here on this earth. We were made for eternity. :)