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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Real Questions...

I can't help but share with you the most recent post by Lysa Terkeurst on her blog. It is a post that she wrote earlier this year, but has re-posted today in response to some real questions from one of her readers, Mary C. Click here to read Mary's question and Lysa's response. I trust each of you will be blessed.

Let's lift up Mary C. in prayer, a mommy just like you and me...

Heavenly Father,
We have so many tough questions about our losses. We can't understand and it hurts. I am comforted by your Word, Lord, trusting that your plans are for good and that they are far better than our own. I pray that you would comfort Mary C. I pray that you would give her a peace that surpasses understanding as she wrestles with the real questions she has about her loss. I pray that you would bring women into her life who will bless and uplift her, who can relate to her. I thank you so much for the "mommies" involved in this ministry who have been such an encouragement to me. Thank you for loving us and for comforting us and for giving your One and only Son, Jesus, for each of us. We love you and it is in Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen.

What real questions are you wrestling with today regarding your loss? Post them in the comments below and we will tackle them together.

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The Princess said...

Aside from WHY my real question is 'What now?' I'm just not sure where to go from here- even though I've got 4 healthy beautiful children here I so desire more babies, yet I can't imagine continuing to go through more losses. Looking forward to Thursday night1