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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Post by Lindsay...

You will certainly be blessed by Lindsay's recent post on her blog, titled "Sometimes I Wonder..."

What do you all wonder about?


Emily S, said...

We have lost 4 babies in 3 years. My husband is open to adoption on some days and on others, he is completely opposed to it. My heart is fully open to adopting a beautiful child to loving people such as ourselves. Why would God choose 2 people who are soul mates and love each other so much, to have to bury 4 beautiful babies when another addict or a child molester is blessed with children they wished they had never even had? That they neglect, abuse, and emotionally damage?

Teske said...

These are tough questions, no doubt! I have wrestled with such things myself. I appreciate your honest and real vulnerability, Emily! We will address this on the blog in the days to come...stay tuned. Praying for God's peace over you, friend!