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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VICTORY! (and a note about the blog)

At our last Hope meeting that was held in Polk City, I asked the women present to write down some questions/issues they are struggling with or wonder about with the intent of doing some study and presenting a biblical response to the questions on the blog. This is still to come! I promise! There have been some great questions so far and I am excited to read, study, and convey what God's Word has to say about these particular topics. If you were not at that meeting but have questions, please feel free to email them to me at teske@mommieswithhope.com or post them anonymously in the comments of this post and I will be sure to include them in the coming posts!

The main focus of this post and a couple more to follow, however, is inspired by the music at our recent church service. I was struck to tears by the lyrics of a new song that was introduced. I cherish music and there have been countless songs that have ministered to my heart in the shadow of my losses, as I'm sure is true for many of you as well. The song that was introduced this past Sunday is titled, "The Saving One" by Starfield. In verse two of the song, the lyrics are...

"No fear can hold me down
Nor darkness steal my joy
For blood has been poured out, the enemy destroyed
Death could not hold Him down
The cross was not enough
To steal away His throne for He is God"

VICTORY. That word just overwhelmed my heart when I worshiped in song with these words. The victory is won! Christ overcame! He alone conquered! So what does this mean, you may wonder... How does this apply to what I'm going through in the aftermath of loss? How can my feelings of grief, despair, and being utterly heartbroken find comfort in this? The answer lies in one word whom this song verse above is all about...JESUS!

I will write more on this theme of "victory" tomorrow, but I leave you with this encouraging verse...

Psalm 18:35
"You give me Your shield of victory, and Your right hand sustains me; You stoop down to make me great."

What encouragement did you glean from the song lyrics/verse above?


Diers said...

I love the first line of the song, "NO FEAR CAN HOLD ME DOWN!" Love that for some reason. Isn't it fear that really gets in the way of so much in our lives...a quick search shows 326 instances of the word fear in the Bible! God must have known we would need encouragement in this area! Love ya Teske! Praying for you this weekend!

nnemmers2 said...

Awesome Teske - Sometimes you sing a song and don't even apply it to your life even though it can be so relevant (even daily). My favorite part of the song is in that verse too..."For blood has been poured out, the enemy destroyed". Praising Christ my Savior this morning for his shed blood that gives me the victory over sin, (its penalty [the wages of sin is death...BUT the gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE] its power [Rom. 7] and someday sins presence...forever with Jesus!!!) -Thanks again Teske!

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