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Friday, February 5, 2010


This week my heart is heavy as I've learned of friends and acquaintances who are sadly faced with walking the road that many of us have trudged down before...losing a child. For some, it is a second loss. For some it is early in pregnancy, and for others it is months after their child's birth. Regardless of any of the particulars of any of the situations, there is one common denominator...it hurts!

I've found myself without any words numerous times this week (which may seem odd to those of you who know me), and even as I sit to write this post, I struggle to even find the words. I praise God that in times as these the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and that God knows our hearts. As I lift my prayers up to Him, I trust He knows the needs and the burdens of each of these situations that weigh on my heart today.

As one hurting friend shared through a song earlier on this week, Our Hope Endures. For those who know Christ, that hope is a promise of eternity and I rejoice in the truth that we will see our babies in heaven...even if we didn't have the privilege of seeing them on earth.

Enjoy this song below (be sure to pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog) and thank you to our friend who shared it with me earlier this week...Praying for each of you today, that you're hope would endure.

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