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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Your Heart Stirring?

Of course you have heard of the devastation in Haiti. It's all over the news and in our faces everywhere we turn. Is your heart stirring?

If you are like me, you would answer that question with a resounding "Yes!" There has been an overwhelming response for the children of Haiti, orphaned by the earthquake. But did you know that prior to the earthquake, Haiti already had 380,000 orphans! The statistics are astonishing. But it's not just Haiti. It is prevalent in third world countries across the globe. It is even in our homeland. Did you know that the United States has over a half a million children in foster care, nearly a quarter of which are waiting for adoptive homes? It's right next door...children abandoned, orphaned, lost...

You may find it unlikely to read a post of this nature on this blog. But by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and with finger tips that just won't stop clicking at the keyboard, there is a tug on my heart to share a message with you today about this matter. Sadly, it took the devastation in Haiti to bring it to my attention, and maybe even yours. But again I ask, is your heart stirring?

At our recent meeting we talked about this very thing. The heartache. The devastation. The sweet faces of innocence amidst the piles of rubble. But God. In His sovereignty, He knows. He hears their cries. He knows their needs. He alone is the Creator and sustainer of life. Is your heart stirring?

Hosea 14:3 says, "You're our last hope. Is it not true that in you the orphan finds mercy?" (The Message)

Yes, in You, God the orphan will find mercy. It is my prayer today, and I implore you to join with me, that the children of Haiti, orphans all around the world would find mercy in Him! Pray for these children. Ask God how He will use YOU, and be prepared to obey the call. Is your heart stirring?

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