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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eighth Day of Christmas...

Thanks for hanging in here with me as we continue on with our Christmas countdown and givewaway! Click here to go back to day 1 and don't forget to comment with your own "gifts" left behind to be entered into a drawing for a special gift.

With joy (and a scratchy throat!) I sing...

On the eighth day of Christmas, my babies left for me...

Eight comforting song lyrics

Seven stockings hanging

Six words from Scripture

Fiiiiive precious children

Four changed lives


Two tiny foot prints

And a super snuggly, striped blankie!

Eight comforting song lyrics...
One of the songs that has ministered to my heart in tremendous ways since the beginning of this journey is Natalie Grant's song, Held. The eight words I speak of are: This is what it means to be held... The song is all about God's comfort and love in the aftermath of loss. The song specifically speaks to a mommy's heart who is grieving the loss of her baby. My feeble attempt to describe the beauty and meaning of this song pale in comparison to hearing it for yourself. So enjoy, mommies. God loves you and is holding you now.

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Sandy said...

8...eight little letters--ILOVEYOU. I say it more often and I think about the people I love more often. Life is fragile, and it can be gone in a mere heartbeat. It's become more important to me this year especially to make sure the ones I love know just how much they mean to me.