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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reminders and an upcoming Giveaway!

I have LOVED reading your comments on the previous post. The names are absolutely precious and some of the stories you ladies have shared behind them have brought me to tears! Love it!


On a different note, I wanted to remind you about a recent post I wrote about an upcoming Walk to Remember. The walk will be held tomorrow in Des Moines. Click here to read that post. Also, here is an article from the Des Moines Register (click here) about the event tomorrow with much more detail. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to honor and remember all of the precious babies who have gone to be with Jesus. After the walk, all are welcome to join us for some bowling fun at Merle Hay Lanes in Des Moines. See details for this social on the right sidebar. If you are not in Central Iowa, be sure to look for opportunities in your own communities this month.

Also, I wanted to tell you all about something exciting that will be happening on Monday! I will be a guest posting over at (in)courage. If you are not familiar with this site, I encourage you to check it out. You will certainly be blessed! The piece that I have written is about Chloe, my first baby girl who went to heaven and will be featured under the "Daily Guests" link at the top of the homepage. So...on Monday, we will also have lots of (in)courage visitors on our site...yay! We need to be their official welcoming committee, girls, and here's how...

First, let's commit now to pray for the women who are led to this site. Undoubtedly there will be other women who have "been there" who venture on over. Lift them up boldy, ladies!

Secondly, what better way to show hospitality than to give away free stuff! And of course, fellow mommies, you are welcome to participate too. So be sure to come on back on Monday for the givewaway details!

Finally, and most importantly of all, let's show off the reason we have the hope we do...our sweet and precious Jesus!


"But in your hearts, set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have..."
1 Peter 3:15

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Jamie said...

I love how in the article she says, "I just don't want people to forget her" or something to that affect. How true is that! We WANT people to talk about our babies, to say their names- we don't want them forgotten. I am looking forward to and yet dreading tomorrow...