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Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebrating Zion's Life

Bittersweet. Today could be described as such, as one of our fellow mommies celebrated, and mourned, her baby boy's sweet life. Today, Zion Thomas, born August 22, 2010 was laid to rest. We rest in knowing that Zion has joined his big brother, Elijah, in heaven. Still, it hurts so much. While we can cling to the truthful cliche that "he's in a better place" we know as mothers that it's hard to imagine our child being better off anywhere else than in our arms. Bittersweet. While there is hope in Christ for a reunion in heaven, an assurance of that longed-for day, we grieve on earth for what might have been. Today was a day that Sonya and her family willed to celebrate Zions brief, but oh so precious life. He was certainly celebrated and the name of His Savior, who holds him now, was lifted high.

Zions celebration service was held at Riverside Bible Camp, a place that I know has come to be very special to Sonya. As we sat inside the structure where the service was held, it was so beautiful. Windows lined the walls and you could look out and see the majesty of God's creation in the hills and trees that landscaped the outdoors. It was a beautiful morning, feeling almost like fall; a perfect day for a celebration. Still, bittersweet. Scriptures were strategically chosen and read with conviction and those in attendance sang out their praise and worship to an all-powerful and loving God. Special music ministered to the hearts of all who had the privilege of being there. Yet, oh so bittersweet.

After the service, everyone was led up a hillside to the campfire area, where we all participated in a balloon release in Zion's honor. A friend of the family led a special and heartfelt prayer and upon his "Amen" the colorful flock of balloons drifted toward the heavens. My husband captured this picture that was just too precious not to share. You see today, while bittersweet, was a day that Sonya and Seth invited family and friends to celebrate Zion's life. While he may have lived only briefly in this world, his life continues in his heavenly home, because of the mercy and grace of a RISEN Savior who so compassionately cares for children.

This picture says so much to us, don't you think? Taken from the vantage point at the foot of the cross, just where we ought to be, looking up to see that Jesus is no longer there, but seated at His Father's right hand. He conquered sin and death, making a way for each of us to be with Him in eternity if only we would place our trust in Him. So while we grieve and mourn Zion's earthly death, we also celebrate his arrival in heaven. And what comfort to know that his big brother, Elijah, was probably there to greet him. How bittersweet. I can't help but think that maybe some of those balloons drifted on up to heavenly heights only to be caught by the children, our children, who play with them in wonder in their heavenly dwelling. And today, they too celebrate, worshiping their Savior and welcoming a new friend to the Kingdom ~ Zion Thomas.


Diers said...

Praying in Pella for their family and your ministry to them! Love the picture! The cross literally looks like it is glowing!

Rachel B said...

Prayers for Zion's family during this bittersweet time.