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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Sanctuary

In the midst of the noise and chaos of the 600 + women, the army of volunteers and hotel staff, and beyond the stresses of schedules and painful (yet beautiful) high heels, lies a sanctuary. Even the dark red carpet that leads to its door exudes a regal feel, in its ornate design, accented with a golden pattern that spans as far as you can see, broken up only by the luxurious seating areas that sparsely decorate this meeting area. Midway down a wide corridor, lined with books and brochures on each side, this unlikely sanctuary holds the names of every woman in attendance, prayerfully placed upon tables, surrounding the Name of above all names. And just beyond a table that displays a small collection of the many wonderful resources to meet the real and present needs of the women here, stands a simple wooden door. This likely door resembles most every other door in the hotel, yet what lies beyond is so much more precious, as prayers are lifted high from the hearts of so many.

The Prayer Room has come to hold a special place in my heart at She Speaks. Last year, I spent hours in that room, laughing, crying, and sharing with two treasured friends as I was going through my first miscarriage. God spoke through these ladies into the recesses of my heart to show me some things that were hard to see, but still an answer to my prayers. Last year, my name was placed on a table with the Hebrew name for God, "El," meaning The Strong One. And oh how I needed His strength as I endured yet another loss.

This year, God showed me through my prayer time and through the amazing speakers He ordained to be at the conference that I can "lead through my brokenness," as so powerfully asserted by speaker/author Angela Thomas on Saturday night. I don't have to "be strong" to lead Mommies with Hope. I need to be strong in Him and in Him only, relying on His strength and not my own. And when I finally let go of the expectation I had placed on myself to "be strong," He revealed to me that I needed to "be healed." I needed healing, sweet friends. I missed my babies. I still miss them and some days I just want them here! And wouldn't it be just like God, in His Sovereignty, to have my name placed right beside His Name, Jehovah Rapha, meaning the Lord Our Healer. But God...He is so faithful to be everything His Name says He is...The Strong One (El) and Healer (Jehovah Rapha), and so much more. His presence was overwhelmingly near to me in that quiet sanctuary of a room at She Speaks and it something I will always treasure.

I say all this, ladies, not because I place my stock in a place or a conference or a speaker or anything else mentioned above God. Yet, it was these things that enabled me to experience revival in my prayer life and that is where the power lies. God is near, waiting and willing to hear the cries of our hearts and bring us a peace and joy, even through the sorrow. Never underestimate the power of prayer. I leave you with a verse that a dear friend has shared with me numerous time...

The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective.
James 5:16

First, ask yourself, are you one of "the righteous" meaning, are you right with God; do you have a personal relationship with Him through trusting in the precious blood of my Son? If not, I urge you to make that your first prayer if you feel so led by Him, as He is waiting for you to surrender. Second, if you do know Him, do you believe in the words of this verse? So often, we live our lives as if we don't believe His promises, don't you think?


Lysa TerKeurst said...

Precious post my friend. I am so thankful you were at She Speaks this year. It was great to see you.

Anonymous said...

Awesome to hear how the Lord revealed himself to you this year at she speaks! This was a good reminder to me as well, that I need to be trusting in the Lord's strength at all times and not just when mine runs out. Blessings to you, Teske!!! ~danielle

Luann Prater said...

Sweetheart, thank you for sharing your brokenness with us. It was an honor to pray for you and with you. My daughter had 4 miscarriages, so that pain has gripped our family as well.

Yet, God is Sovereign and holds them in heaven until we get there. Then I think we will have a big ol' family reunion. I'll be the obnoxious grandma in the corner of the mansion loving on 4 beautiful babies. ;o)

Love you bunches,
Luann Prater

Teske said...

Love you, Sisters! Thanks for your words of encouragement and truth. You are all precious.

And Danielle - everyone loved my haircut and I just HAD to brag on you, my friend! :)

Jill said...

Teske, It was a blessing to visit with you today - so thankful for how God crosses our paths! I've so enjoyed reading your words about your time at She Speaks and look forward to staying in touch as Rise and Shine approaches. Your ministry is such a blessing - thank you for heeding the call!

Rachel B said...

Enjoyed reading this post and looking around your blog. What a wonderful and much needed ministry...and right here in IA!

Thankful for His cloak of righteousness and that He answers our prayers...in power! You're right we often forget just who we are in Christ!! Thanks for the reminder.

As Jill said above, looking forward to meeting you at Rise & Shine in October. Keep on keeping on!

Teske said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Jill and Rachel! I am very much looking forward to meeting you ladies at Rise and Shine!

Be Blessed,