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Friday, April 6, 2012


May we not soon forget the gravity of what today signifies.  It is my prayer that we be consumed by the power of today.  Good Friday.  A day that signifies what He did.  Sweet Jesus, some two-thousand years ago.  Jesus, who knew exactly His purpose, His path, and the pain that awaited Him.  Pain from the beatings, the flogging, and the carrying of His cross.  Pain from the scorning and the mocking and the blaspheming.  The piercing of His hands, His feet. Pain undeserved.  Punishment unwarranted.  Price that was paid.  Penalty not His own.  Nailed to the cross, battered beyond recognition.  Crushed.  Separation from His Father, our Father.  May these truths consume us.  May we realize all that He endured.

Good Friday...good?  Really, good?

For the good of you, of me, of all the world.  Sinners.  That's the gospel.  Good news! This gospel love, this grace.  Unmerited favor.  Kindness undeserved.  Love abounding amidst my sinfulness.  Mercy amongst the mess of me, the real me.  Hope beyond all hopelessness.  Oh, what good news.  He bore the burden in my place.  In your place.  He bore it all upon the cross.  He died my soul to save.  The once and for all sacrifice.  That's my Jesus!  My King.  My Redeemer.  My Comforter.  My Rock.  My Deliverer.  My Savior.  He is the good news.

Might He consume you today and every day.

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