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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year Prayer

Dear Lord,

With each year that passes, I see more and more of You. Thank You for revealing Yourself to me, a lowly sinner. Thank You even more for saving me and preparing a place for me in Your Heavenly Kingdom. Thank You for the blessing of each and every one of my children, both in heaven and on earth. God, you are so loving and so merciful. I pray Your richest blessing on each and every woman who reads this blog. There are many heartaches and hurts, Lord. Many women approach the new year with questions and burdens that are seemingly too great to bear. I pray, Lord, that You would help each one of us to rely on Your strength, and not our own. Your Word tells us, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I believe this with my entire being and I pray that You, the God of all comfort, would empower each hurting woman to turn to You in their darkest hour. I pray that if there is any woman reading this blog that does not know Jesus as her personal Savior, that you would bring her to a point of godly sorrow and repentance that leads to salvation in Him alone. I thank You, Jesus, for making me a new creation in You (2 Corinthians 5:17). Lord, may the lives and legacies of my babies in heaven serve to bring souls to You. Thank You for giving me this story and enabling me to serve You for your glory and praise. I love You, God. May 2011 be a year that many are beckoned to the foot of the cross in surrender to Your Son, and Lord use me as You see fit.

In Jesus' Saving Name I pray...Amen.

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Diers said...

Yay...I got your richest blessing today even though you wouldn't give it to me at dinner the other night! HA!!! I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOUR FAITH IN OUR SAVIOR!!! So blessed to call you friend and sister in Christ! Jen