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Friday, March 26, 2010

He Will Not Leave us as Orphans...

In the gospel of John 14:18-19, Jesus says...

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live."

Just think about those words that Jesus tells us. He assures us that He is there. As He anticipates the dreadful crucifixion that awaits him, a horrible death on a cross, He reminds us that He will overcome. In the spirit of the resurrection, with Easter close upon us, isn't it a wonderful comfort to know that because He lives, we too can live! And because He lives, our babies live in His heavenly home, wrapped safely in His arms!

He will not leave us as orphans. However, the ugliness of this fallen world results in a world that has real and living children, actual orphans, who need a Savior. He alone is reliable, constant, and true for such children. He will not leave them as orphans. He can use us to share His love with them as we partner with the mission of a wonderful organization, The Raining Season, to "Save the Orphan!" Check out the video below (be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the bog first) to see the work they completed in 2009 in Sierra Leone, West Africa...

YEAR END Accomplishments! from The Raining Season on Vimeo.

As a Mommy with Hope, I know it hurts to not have our babies here with us, in our arms, where we want them. I know it hurts to see other women become pregnant who may not even want their children. I know it hurts when others have child after child, when you just want your one. I know it hurts when you go to the grocery store and all you hear is the cry of a newborn baby. I know it hurts because I have felt those very raw feelings of despair. But I also know the unconditional love of Jesus, my Savior, and because He lives and overcame sin and death, I can rely on Him fully to see me through such a trial. So as a Mommy with Hope, I have felt the pain, but I cling to the hope. Cling with me!

Let's partner in our prayers and resources to share the hope we have with the children of The Covering in Sierra Leone. For me, it is a way to honor my precious Chloe, our baby, and Riyah. We can't have them with us here, but we can reach out to help other children in need...those without a mommy or daddy to care for them. Those who must rely on Jesus not to leave them as the orphans that they are. Let's share that hope with these precious children!

Here are just a few ways how you can help...

Come to a speaking event on Monday, April 12th, 7 p.m. at First Family Church in Ankeny and learn about The Covering, the children there, and how you can help.

Bring cans of SOY formula to the April "Hope Meeting" in your area. I will collect them to be sent to Sierra Leone, for the infants at The Covering.

Consider sponsoring a child.

Provide a one-time donation.

Buy a t-shirt!

I challenge you not to keep this hope all to yourself!

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