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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bittersweet Courage

I am excited to share a new site with you (in)courage. I first found out about it at the She Speaks conference through Proverbs 31 Ministries, so I knew I would definitely have to check it out and pass the word along to each of you. That being said, (in)courage is offering an opportunity to share with them a post on the topic of courage.

You, Mommies, have been of great encouragement to me, whether you realize it or not. So I wanted to take this opportunity to turn the tables, if you will, and let you know how over the last couple of years I have seen a true portrayal of courage in each of you, as we have traveled this grief journey together. Oh how I wish that none of us ever had to be in a position to demonstrate such courage, in the midst of heartbreaking loss. It is so bittersweet. I pray that you will be encouraged, knowing how you have encouraged me, and this ministry. Here is just a glimpse of the bittersweet courage I have seen in you, sweet Mommies…

Two Mommies, in the face of grief so raw, who had the courage to meet for coffee, though complete strangers at the time, linked only by the untimely deaths of their newborn babies. We miss you dearly, Chloe Marie and Andrew Lindsay. We praise you, God, that you placed a burden on our hearts for this ministry and that we had the courage to obey.

Eight Mommies who had the courage to attend our first “hope meeting” nearly two years ago. Of those eight precious women, one sweet Mommy who had the courage to personally invite four others, and another sweet Mommy who courageously shared her story of miscarriage from 20 years prior.

A Mommy, already grieving the loss of her precious baby boy, who had the courage to cry out for support as she found herself going through the devastation of loss, yet again.

A Mommy, resting in God’s perfect plan and timing with the courage to pursue adoption after the loss of three precious boys. We wait in expectation with you, sweet friend.

A tiny baby girl, whose brief life, brought her daddy to a point of brokenness and despair so deep, he had the courage to surrender His life to the Savior!

Many Mommies, who have had the courage to share their story of loss to reach out, to teach, to encourage, and to bring Him glory.

A Mommy who had the courage to come to the group and hear the Truth of the gospel for the very first time, after another Mommy had the courage to reach out through a mutual friend seven months prior.

A loving father and bereaved grandpa, who had the courage to find out how he could support and encourage his young daughter whose toddling son died in her arms.

Many Mommies who have had the courage to take on the role of Comforter because of the comfort they themselves first received from God. What an encouragement to see this biblical command in action (1 Corinthians 1:3-4)!

A Mommy who had the courage to come and offer encouragement to others, yet found herself weeping, with courage enough to be vulnerable and encouraged by those whom she came to comfort.

A Mommy, who just today, had the courage to read this blog and find encouragement.

These acts of bittersweet courage and so many more, sweet Mommies, have encouraged me beyond description.

I cling to the truth of Joshua 1:9 where God says...

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

... and trust that God is present in this ministry and with each of you, as He masterfully unfolds the plans and purposes for your precious children’s brief lives. Above all, and evidenced in each instance of bittersweet courage above, is the greatest encouragement of all: His sovereign, eternal love shown by His willingness to give His One and Only Son, Jesus.

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